While in law school, the founder  of our firm cleaned commercial buildings at night in order to support his life in school. After interviewing a number of his clients, it became obvious that not all vendors that supported businesses were honest or properly insured and due to business activities associated with running a business, business owners did not have time to perform proper vendor management.

For the survival of business, vendors are to be compliant to contractual terms and expectations. To protect our clients’ businesses, Osha Cleaning offers compliance and vendor management for your business.

Businesses rely on various vendors in order to provide services to their clients. If your business can benefit from our vendor management services in the following field, why risk the business you have been building over the years by bringing vendors that you may not know have sufficient insurance or are in compliant with the law?

At Osha Cleaning, we provide vendor management in the following areas:

Sourcing and Screening vendors

  • vendor representation across all trades
  • Multi stage screening and vetting process for professional vendors
  • confirmation of corporate documentation, insurance, and references

Managed Services

  • Dedicated account management contact for the managed services
  • Vendor sourcing and screening tailored to the needs of your business
  • End-to-end management from screening to project completion

On-Going Contract Compliance

  • Representing our clients to confirm compliance with the scope of services
  • Regular visits and review of vendor performance
  • Constant communication with you and solicit feedback to confirm customer satisfaction